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Why Imports in OpenStreetMap Are Controversial

OpenStreetMap’s goal is to map the entire world, so one might assume that anything that would help give the project a leg up would be welcome, but what many potential importers find is that the OSM community, in particular the more senior members, are hostile to imports. Understanding their strong feelings can be difficult, but I’m going to take a look at the issues around imports in the community, and why they’re so controversial.

Fearing French and Embracing Esperanto

This post is about why I fear French, and what my attempt at taking this problem on has taught me. This is one of the most personal blog posts I’ve made in several years, but in it are lessons for nearly everyone, especially if you are considering learning a second language

Edit Wars in OpenStreetMap

Reading the feedback from my Why The World Needs OSM post has been enlightening. One criticism of OSM that has come up multiple times is the concern about edit wars like those seen in Wikipedia. It’s a topic that I know something about, both as a long time OSM contributor, and also as a DWG member. This post explores how common edit wars are and the circumstances that surround them.