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The World Cares About OpenStreetMap

[UPDATE] I will stop updating this, but after four translations, syndication by The Guardian, and a video interview on Slashdot... I'm speechless.

Wow, what a response! My last post, received over 120,000 unique visitors, over 500 tweets, was #1 on Hacker News, was #2 on /r/technology on Reddit, and a mention by the CEO of DuckDuckGo, and more.

We also saw the number of new user accounts per day triple from ~33 accounts per day to just over 120 accounts per day, which doesn't include the buildup and the cool-down, which also exceeded our signup rate.

I also received several nice pieces of email from folks who read the post and either had followup questions, or just wanted to thank me for writing it.

I'm writing this post to express my gratitude to everyone.

With any group, it's easy to lose perspective, or get lost in an echo chamber of your peers. I wasn't sure who would care to read about a project they likely never used, but based on the response, I think the answer is that there are a lot of people. That's really validating and helps me get through the tougher times in the project.

For new folks, I won't try to re-hash the many new user introduction guides out on the web, but in future posts, I'll try to talk more about the internals of the project- how things work behind the scenes. For regular editors, I'll be talking about some exciting work that I'm doing to make our project better.

Stay tuned because it's going to be a really fun ride.

Thanks again for the support!

Update 144k unique views, >700 tweets, >100 Google+ posts, and nearly 350 Facebook posts.