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Why I Tweak My Tools

I have a lot of productivity processes and tools. I have a tool for second brain, a tool for tracking my todo, a system for tracking files, a system for handling email, a tool for managing projects. More than that, I'm always tweaking the tools I have, looking to squeeze a little improvement from them.

It's not out of self-indulgence that I do all this though, it's out of self-preservation. I have ADHD, and my ADHD holds me back. It's almost like a gravity, keeping me on the ground when I know I'm capable of flying. ADHD isn't the only neurological diagnosis I have; I'm also learning disabled, but ADHD effects me in my adult life more than anything else, and probably more than even I realize.

Because of that, I need things to help me, things like processes to help structure my activity, tools to aid me, medications when available, and people who can help me work through it.

One of the challenges of my ADHD is that things that may work very well one day may not work the next. That can be because my circumstances have changed, the need sof the situation have changed, or "just because".

Still, I'm always looking for way to improve, whether that means learning a new mental framework, trying a new tool, or learning a new process. I've been consciously working on my own productivity for twenty years, and I think I have things to share: tools that work for me, books that I've read which have helped, as well as general lessons on how I evaluate new tools and processes so I don't waste my time.

I'll be writing about my thoughts and insights into productivity tools. They'll generally be short posts focused on one thing. My goal isn't to get you do what I do, but to give some thoughts on finding or building the right system for you.

I hope you enjoy the posts and find them useful!