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Python for Adults

My girlfriend has always wanted to program. She even took C++ in high school and college, but never quite "Got it", leaving her with a bad taste for computers and programming. Still, when I lent her my copy of The Little Schemer, she took to it pretty easily, so I ...

Compressor Repair

My friend Chad of the band Emperor X has put out a video for their new song "Compressor Repair".

I'm a huge fan, so indulge me and check it out.


Wow, I must have really touched on something in my last post (Observations at a Python workshop), it's received over 20k unique visitors in the last twenty four hours, which is a lot from a blog which until yesterday, didn't exist.

For those people who don't know ...

Observations from a Python Workshop

I heard about a Python tutorial that was going on this weekend, and with well over a decade of Python experience, I decided to volunteer to help students. I hadn't realized it was a women's workshop put on by PyLadies, but I'm glad I went because I ...